Top-Down, locally multiplayer action RPG. My main project which is currently in the box. Time constraints as well as some issues finding the fun has made me put it away for now to come back to it later.

Boba Tea Cafe

Our mod for Stardew Valley. Adds several new flavors of Boba Tea into the game. Check it out on NexusMods.


An old game I made for Android, currently being ported to the OUYA. Check it out on-stream as I sometimes work on it there.


A game jam puzzle game where you use electricity to solve puzzles and get through the level. This will likely be a full title someday. Check it out on Itch.

FlexState AI

An AI solution I've built for DeCrypt. Full state machine driven and versatile for animations. This is in the process of being turned into an Asset Store asset.

Fragment Terminal

An interesting puzzle game with limited moves and an interesting control scheme. Can be controlled via console or twitch chat. Check it out on Itch.

The Ice Lake

LowRezJam 2020 entry, just a walking simulator sadly. I didn't win but it was a fun project in any case. Check it out on Itch.

Stream Toonz

A tool for giving my twitch viewers an avatar and allowing them to be more involved in the stream. No official links for more info but check out twitch to see it in action.

Soul Herder 2

Just a fun jam game. I'd be ridiculed for not putting this on here so here you go. Check it out on Itch.

Star Inhabitant

An experiement I did for a game jam to throw shade at Star Citizen. The servers have been shutdown but you can still check it out on Itch.

Cafe Crush

A game made with my friend @AmandaJillHill. Run a humble little Boba Cafe, made for the 64 jam where you only get 64x64 resolution to work with.Check it out on Itch.

Pesky Pangolin

A small game made for the mini jam number 85. It's not a very good game but it's funny and cute so :D Check it out on Itch.